Operation - Delivery of Turnkey Projects

Sucomex provides integrated solutions for the execution of "turn-key" medical equipment and hospital projects around the world.

The complexity of a "turn-key" projects requires the complete and total sincronization of all its elements. To ensure the successful implementation of a "turn-key" integrated contruction or equipment project, Sucomex provides special attention to:

Project Administration

  • Project administration and management control.
  • Technical, social, and financial impact studies. 
  • Progress monitoring and status reporting of construction projects, equipment deliveries, and installations.


  • Planning, design, implementation, construction, and delivery of public works and equipment projects from start to finish.
  • Strict compliance with local environmental, labor, legal, financial, and construction regulations.


  • Advising: Supervision and assesment of equipment.
  • Guarantees and warranty on new infrastructure, installations and equipment for required periods.

Equipment Procurement and Installation

  • Technical evaluation, delivery, installation and initial start-up of equipment.
  • Monitoring of new equipment and machinery.

Commisioning and Training

  • Hiring, training, and certification of employees working onsite or operating any newly installed equipment.
  • Monitoring and reporting the performance of employee teams at the workplace.