Career - Operations

The primary operations department tasks at Sucomex include: carrying out the execution of assigned project under guidelines, development and updating of checklists and templates for monitoring and control the projects, drafting and monitoring sales contracts of equipment and services, supplier negotiation and contract equipment, Coordinating with the technical and commercial departments in the development of project implementation documents. Other taks include visiting factories, suppliers, and ports related to shipments of projects, and compilng data for statistics on the performance of projects and suppliers.

A candidate for this position must posses the ability to work as a team player with a willingness to travel, be flexible, able to adapt to changing situations and used to manage abroad. . He or she must be rigorous, orderly, and accurate in the development of work. Good communication skills, especially with customers and suppliers are a must.  Requirements include a degree, fluent in spoken and written languages (Spanish, English and French), with proven experience in similar fields desired but not required. 

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