Fernández inaugurates Padre Billini Hospital

Feb 1, 2012
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The president of the republic, Doctor Leonel Fernandez, admitted this Wednesday during the inauguration of the Padre Billini Hospital feeling proud of the progress and advances in infrastructure, institutional reform, and service for users of the health system during the last five years.

After inaugurating the remodeled and reequipped Padre Billini Hospital with an investment of 570 million pesos, the president said that the restructuring of the health sector is an ambitious plan executed by the Ministry of Public Health that will be providing improvements to the poorer classes within the Dominican Republic.

Doctor Bautista Rojas Gomez, minister of Public Health, added that the work at the Padre Billini Hospital will have great social impact because of the services it will provide as a public hospital to the National District.  He explained that the center includes 120 beds, modern emergency facilities, 5 operating rooms, intensive care unit, and five dialysis units.

Work at the Padre Billini Hospital was executed by IBT Group.