Hospital and Polyclinic Alberto Leopoldo Barton Thompson

South America
Government of Peru
The Hospital and Polyclinic Alberto Leopoldo Barton Thompson will offer a wide range of high quality medical services to the local community. The Hospital will be equipped with state of the art technology, backed by the most recognized brands in the world of biomedical equipment. With modern infrastructure, the hospital will be able to treat general consults, special cases, make highly complex surgical interventions and will be able to realize laboratory studies and diagnostics.
Computerized axial tomography, 4 ultrasounds, mammography, 2 densitometer radiology equipment, laboratories: clinical analysis, hematology, microbiology, anatomy and pathology.
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June 16, 2015 – Lima, Peru - In an interview on Canal N, the president of EsSalud Virginia Baffigo, mentioned among other issues that EsSalud built five hospitals in these two years of management: 2 (two) PPP (Public Private Partnership) hospitals in Lima (administered by IBT Group) who are protecting half a million people, and hospitals of...
Jun 16, 2015 - Entrevista en Canal N, a presidenta de EsSalud
16 de junio, 2015 – Lima, Perú – En una entrevista en Canal N, la presidenta de EsSalud Virginia Baffigo, menciono entre otros asuntos que se han construido 5 hospitales en estos dos años de gestión: los 2 hospitales APP en Lima (administrados por IBT Group) que están protegiendo a medio millón de personas, y los hospitales de Alta...
Apr 30, 2015 - The two new hospital complex in Peru met its first year of operation application/pdf icon
Lima, Peru – Alberto Barton Thomposon y Guillermo Kaelin de la Fuente, both complexes belonging to the peruvian Social Security (EsSalud), are the first in Latin America to operate under the form of PPP (Public Private Partnership) integrated and managed by a consortium led by IBT Group. A new model of care based on the priority to primary...
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April 29, 2015 – Perú – An improvement in the management of hospitals Alberto Barton (Callao) and Guillermo Kaelin (Villa Maria del Triunfo) entails the removal of waiting list and the granting of appointments in five days. He reported by the head of the Social Security Virginia Baffigo, who noted that the achievements are due to the...

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